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My name is Thu and I’m the founder of Total Care Accounting Solutions. I want to tell you how a dog called Simon changed my career path (and my life) forever.

To give you a bit of a snapshot of my background: my father had a very hard life and was independent from a pretty young age and I think that came through in how my Mum and Dad raised me. They looked after me well and prepared me to be independent. They gave me the freedom to make my own decisions as a child because they wanted to make sure I’d be okay if anything ever happened and they were no longer around.

And then when I was quite young (only 11 years old) both my parents passed away suddenly.

My father had always instilled in me the importance of schooling. Looking back now I can see how much value he placed on education and I’m glad, because it’s served me well.

Even though I never pictured it, I’ve ended up with the most degrees and certificates of anyone in my family!

Fast-forward a few years and that’s where Simon comes into the picture.

I got him when he was just a puppy. He was a German Shepherd cross Rottweiler and he grew to be a full head taller than me when we were both sitting down (as you can see in the picture).

How a Dog Named Simon Showed Me the Way to Taxation, Accounting & Business Advisory

Hi, I’m Thu, your “Below the Line” Accountant, Business Advisor & Founder of Total Care Accounting Solutions and Total Care Accounting and Business Solutions.

I want to tell you the story of how Simon changed my career and life forever and that of a select number of Perth businesses, and maybe even yours too.

I was raised by my parents to be independent. My father had a hard life growing up, and I think that influenced how they raised me. They wanted to be sure I’d be okay if anything happened to them.

It seems they had foresight because when I was 11, both my parents passed away suddenly.

As heartbreaking and challenging as that was, thankfully, my father had instilled in me the value of education, which became my focus.

After I graduated University, I got Simon – a German Shepherd cross Rottweiler who was a full head taller than me when we were both seated.

The dog that led me to accounting and changed my life forever! Simon is in the middle.

Simon was just a dog, but he thought he was human.
He seemed to know things most dogs didn’t.

One day while at the dog park, Simon locked eyes with a gorgeous white fluffy dog. This dog was scampering and whimpering, clearly terrified of Simon’s size.

I struck up a conversation with this dog’s owner, Sabine, who became a good friend. She told me about an intensive tax course she had just studied. It piqued my interest, but I had just finished my studies and had a good job at a high-profile Pharmaceutical company, so it remained at the back of my mind for the next little while.

More photos of Simon. I still miss him to this day, but his legacy lives on in the business because I work hard for each and every one of my clients!

A few years later, when Simon was 5, he developed leukaemia and unfortunately passed away. I miss him to this day! What’s weird though, is when I lost Simon I couldn’t stop thinking about Sabine and this tax return course she’d talked about.

Eventually this nagging thought led me to pick up some extra work in the evenings at a tax agent’s office. I soon realised I’d found my passion!

My work friends at my day job kept telling me how happy I seemed whenever I talked about anything to do with tax. As interested as I was, the thought of changing careers and starting over terrified me.

Still, it nagged at me… and despite my sought-after job at a major pharmaceutical company, I seemed to be getting nowhere in my career. So I took the plunge.

After 3 long years of continuing to work full time while completing my Master’s in Taxation and working evenings at the Tax office, I finally made a full-time transition from Pharmaceuticals to Taxation.

That was back in 2004. After that, I completed my Certificate IV Financial Services (Bookkeeping), Certificate of Professional Accounting, and Certificate of Small Business Management, Certificate Business advisor, Mastermind.com Professional and Knowledge Broker.

In 2009 I started Total Care Accounting Solutions. Despite working for others my whole life, I knew I wanted to be in business for myself, so I could serve others and build a business based on my values and passions.

Since I started the business, we have gone on to work with small business owners in Perth and interstate across 35 different industries. We have won 5 customer service awards in recent years!

Of course, my love of education never stops. I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours on evenings and weekends invested in my business growth. I’ve worked with some of the brightest mentors in my field, attended courses and seminars learning new business growth strategies, and have continued to finetune my mastery in Bookkeeping, Taxation, Marketing, Accounting and Business Advisory.

After 10+ years running Total Care Accounting Solutions, and Total Care Accounting and Business Solutions here’s what I know for sure…

Becoming a success in business, so you reach your income, lifestyle and legacy goals requires a mixture of your street smarts, intelligence, knowledge, experience, sense of adventure… AND… the RIGHT advice that keeps you compliant but also limits your taxation liability and gives you the time and “headspace” to grow.

I love being that VISIONARY secret weapon that propels your business forward and gives you the freedom you desire.

If you know you need an all-in-one “Below the Line” accountant and business advisor I invite you to book a Free Consultation with me to find out more.

Trust me when I say, it could just be the best thing you do to ensure your business has a long and healthy financial future.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Thu Le Huynh

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Consistent support for our businesses as well as excellent, ongoing advice. Quality service. I would highly recommend using Total Care Accounting Solutions


Thu has been providing taxation advice to a number of family members for the last 5+ years. She is amazing. Thanks Thu! Regards, Peter Kennedy (A&T Financial Advisers)


Thu has been our accountant for a few years now and we recently took her on as our business advisor as well. Our data shows that return of investment as a result of hiring Thu as a Business Advisor helped to generate 64% of total revenue within first six month. We now also have ongoing work with new clients as a result of new marketing strategies that Thu has helped us put into place. I would highly recommend Thu to help out for all your business advisory needs.

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