Business Growth Advisory and Support

Our flagship offering is for ambitious business owners who are serious about their long-term growth and financial stability.

At Total Care Accounting and Business Solutions, we love helping business owners achieve their income, lifestyle and legacy goals by thinking outside-the-box and reinvesting freed up cash flow into key revenue-producing activities.

Not only have we helped our clients grow using our methods and strategies, but we’ve also applied everything we teach in our own business with tremendous success. Our knowledge comes from a mix of real-life experience, street smarts, and our willingness to continually invest in our growth and acquire knowledge from industry experts.

Our Business Advisory services include:

  • Personalised Business Growth Strategies
  • Creation & Implementation of a Business & Marketing Plan
  • KPI and Benchmarking
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Pricing structures
  • Assessment & Improvement of Internal Systems
  • Profit & Cashflow Maximisation
  • Financial Literacy
  • And so much more

Now we think differently

“It is great to have a business advisor and accountant who works with us as part of our team, she is open to share her knowledge and experience in various areas of business. Now, we think about our business differently, do things different, put in systems, increase our motivation to achieve our goals, etc. Thu has given us many great tools to enable us to help grow our business and we look forward to continuing to work with her to achieve our business goals.”

Complete Home & Bathroom Solutions


  1. You and your staff will be treated with professional courtesy at all times
  2. Your first visit is completely free and there is no obligation for you to continue using Total Care Accounting Solutions’ services if you don’t feel we’re a good match
  3. All communications (phone, email, SMS and so on) will be initially responded to within 24 hours
  4. All information you’re given is up to date and compliant with legislation
  5. You will receive courtesy reminders to ensure you avoid ATO penalties for late submissions
  6. If you’re having trouble making payments, simply get in touch before an invoice is due and we’ll offer you an extension
  7. BAS clients will be provided with customised balance sheets and P & L statements where appropriate, so you can keep track of your accounts